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Genius Nicer Dicer Plus in Pakistan

Genius Nicer Dicer Plus

At, If you’re not feeling well and tired under-taking the wearisome and tedious tasks of slicing, dicing, and chopping, then possesses the answer for you because of the Nicer Dicer Plus. Currently say cheerio to the standard strategies of slicing, cutting and dicing and takes this procedure to a replacement level with this multiple Nicer Dicer Plusmachine. This new product is going to be positive your new room companion that produces the entire method of preparation easier. The Nicer Dicer Plus is accompanied by an oversized 1.5-liter capability instrumentality. This instrumentality comes in very handy significantly for storing several fruits, nuts, and alternative edible things. All you would like to try to is to press the lid of the slicer to start out cutting the food. The Nicer mechanical device and comes with 5 differing types of steel grills that facilitate to chop the ingredients in a very range of the way and designs. With the assistance of those completely different cutting extensions, users will cut the edible things in eleven completely different strategies.

Nicer Dicer Plus

The utile Nicer Dicer Plus is accustomed cut and divide the ingredients into four and eight components. Every cutting grill can permit you to chop the food into the completely different and distinctive ways that. This slicer is in the course of an obsessive grating device. This device is specifically designed potatoes, carrot, and cucumber. currently, you are doing not got to peel and cut the carrot into tiny items on every occasion you would like to create bowls of the dish as a result of the exact same purpose is accomplished by the employment of Nicer Dicer Plus.

The best factor regarding the Nicer Dicer Plus is that it comes with the airtight lockup lid. This airtight lockup lid makes it attainable to lock the crispness and freshness of food for the longer period. This versatile slicing machine is an excellent room companion for busy moms, housewives, victuals building, hotels and preparation dependent personnel.

Nicer Dicer Plus Review

utile manual slicing, dicing and chopping machine

Equipped with sharp stainless-steel blades

made up of highest quality food grade plastic

is used as knowledgeable grade chopper and mixer

aggregation is extremely straightforward

Disassembling is additionally on the straightforward facet


Safe to use

Rust Resistant end

1500 mil instrumentality

Safe for dishwasher

Genius Nicer Dicer Plus Instructions

withdraw strips and cubes

withdraw slices

For fruits or tomatoes

withdraw cubes

Protection Holder

Pressing unit

Cutting prime and cutting base

skilled peeler

withdraw shreds

Crisper container (POLYSTYRENE PS)

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