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Digital Quran Pen

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Digital Quran Pen in Pakistan

Digital QURAN Pen

At Digital QURAN Pen is an instrument which can support the Muslims to contrary the blessed Quran. It holds an integral speaker and earphones to get the Holy QURAN. With the help of a scanner, Digital QURAN Pen you can rehearse any verse of the QURAN when you set it on the precise page. It is tremendously lightweight, condensed and can be effortlessly put in the pocket. With this Digital Quran Online, you can appear, transport, learn, remember and study the holy book. This tool is engineered by assimilating select equipment that helps in scanning and scrutiny any page, chapter or verse of the Holy Quran. If you need to read any page of the Holy Quran, all you have to do is touch the page number, just point the artificial to any chapter or page number or verse and bump reading or listening to it. You can also listen to any verse just by touching the text of the verse.

Digital QURAN Online

Reading of QURAN in three different voices, including Al-Afsay, Ajmi and Abdul Basit.

Clarification of Digital QURAN Pen in seven exclusive language.

Texture Holy QURAN printed on amazing readable papers.

The pen can read any part of the Digital QURAN Pen by simply laying it on the compulsory Ayya’t.

Mainlyspellbinding for the personalities who need to take in the QURAN, yet feel self-conscious because of their age.

Practical for the entities who requirement to take in the QURAN without the sustenance of any trainer.

Youngsters and old personages can take in the Holy QURAN from anywhere.

The Quran Read Pen

It can recite the whole Ayya’t when you touch it at any portion of the Ayya’t.

It can read the complete Surah when you touch it on the name of the Surah.

It can verification the total page when you touch it on a specific page number.

It is prepared to demo your narration

The voice of the presentation can be measured.

It can stockpile and play the Mp3 records.

It boosts the TF cards to give added volume.

Quran Pen Reader Manual

The pen is prepared with Built-in Speaker for loud sound.

General and upfront outline.

The QURAN Pen attends the rechargeable battery.

4GB inherent memory (can be moreover trained out through outer memory space).

Easy to understand, can be related to the PC to refresh the database.

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Digital Quran pen


Digital Quran Pen


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